24 Feb 2014

Take away (Drop Doubt)

Lyrics: Drop Doubt Band (Aizawl, Mizoram)
Artist/Band: Drop Doubt

Here I'm cry'in, lonely as I was,
Here I'm dyi'n, ly'in all alone;
I need somebody to take away this pain,
Lord make me understand why I'm here;
Lift me up and draw me to Your side.

You can take away my pain,
Take away  my loneliness;
I'll be safe inside Your arms,
Help me take me through;
Oh.. Lord take away my pain.

Here I'm cry'in, can you hear me Lord?
Here I'm dyi'n, take my heart and my soul;
I know I can trust no one else but You,
For you have been my help in times of need;
You're my hope, my life, my God, my strength.

Livi'n alone with a heartache,
My soul long for You;
I will call out Your name till the end,
Lord I need Your love;
oh.. Lord take away my pain.


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