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{ Kan wesbite a i lo len luh thin avang leh min thlawp thinnaah lawmthu kan sawi e. Kan website chungchanga rawtna, sawiselna emaw thil dang engpawh sawi tur i neih chuan, a hnuaia postal address  emaw  e-mail tarlanah hian hma kan lo lak vat theih nan min rawn be pawp thin dawnnia.
Tin, Mizo hlaphuahtute, in hlaphuah te kan website a tarlan in duh chuan, a hnuaia address kan tarlan emaw kan e-mail ah hian rawn thawn ula, kan lo tarlang zel dawnnia. In hlaphuah (Lyrics) hlu tak tak te kha rawn thawn zel turin kan ngenin kan sawm a che u. }
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