In Memory of Our Beloved Eldest Brother

R. Lalthlengkima (1979 - 2017)

We dedicate this website to our beloved eldest brother Mr. R. Lalthlengkima (Thlenga) who left us for eternal rest on July 14, 2017. He was born on 23rd April 1979 at our village - Sialsuk (Mizoram, India) and grew up under the tender care and guidance of our loving parents Mr. R.Hrangzuala and Mrs. Lalthianghlimi. He did his schooling at Sialsuk (Govt. Primary School-II, Govt. Middle School-I, Govt. Sialsuk High School) and Aizawl (Govt. J.L Higher Secondary School, Pachhunga University College and DOEACC Centre - Zuangtui).  His siblings are namely - Mrs. R.Lalchhuanvawri (W/o. Mr. Joseph Lalsiammawia Sailo), Mr. Lalthlanthanga, Mr. Lalzarzoa and Mr.Lalmuansanga (H/o. Mrs. Marina Laltlankimi).

Our Big brother Mr. Thlenga got married to Mrs. Lalbiakmawii (East Lungdar) on 11th September 2014 at Presbyterian Church, Sialsuk. They were blessed with a lovely son R.Vanlalawmpuia. We called him with a tender nickname Opipi-a, he is truly an en-lighter of his parents and our whole family as well.

During his student days, he was actively involved in various activities of student communities. Till his death, he was the incumbent President of Chhimphei Mizo Zirlai Pawl (CMZP). He was also an Executive Committee Member of Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) General Headquarters: Aizawl for more than twice a term. In MZP General Headquarters, he was actively engaged as an Editorial Board member in 'MZP Chanchinbu'. He was also an incumbent President of Sialsuk Students' Union (Aizawl)/SSU(A).

He also worked as Information Technology (IT) teacher at Hrawva School, Venghlui, Aizawl for more than two years. After spending his time in Aizawl, he moved back to our village due to family convenience, he still lent his abilities there to the community and NGOs. He was elected as President of the Young Mizo Association (YMA), Sialsuk Branch and he was also actively engaged in the Game and Sports Association.

When we took initiation for this site, our big brother Mr. Thlenga was our master brain and source of inspiration. Whenever he had free time, he never failed to keep updating this site. He always wanted to provide free lyrics for the lovers of Mizo songs and lyrics.

While, we, 'The Four Brothers,' maintaining all together this Mizo lyrics website for more than five years, he had an ailment on July 6, 2017, he took rest at our home for almost a week, and his condition was deteriorating beyond our expectation. He got admitted to Primary Health Center at Sialsuk, and then shifted to the Intensive Care Unit at Aizawl Hospital and Research Centre. While we are expecting his recovery from his deep illness but the Almighty brought him for eternal rest on the morning of 14th July 2017 (Friday). His mortal remain was brought home on the same day and we laid his body to be waiting for the final resurrection at Sialsuk public cemetery on 15th July 2017 (Saturday). Though he left us in this world our memories still linger on him and he will be with us in spirit until we meet each other once again in the heavenly abode. 

"Go rest high on that mountain,
(Brother) Son, your work on earth is done,
Go to heaven a shoutin',
Love for the Father and the Son."