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Mizo Lyric ( is a non profit portal dedicated for Mizo community. This site never ask personal information to access contents. It is absolutely free.

We respect every personal privacy and keeps to your own privy. On our part, there is no such spam links, viruses, and tools to store personal data. But, our site may have shown Advertisements with links from different sources- mainly from Google Adsense. When  you click or take a look at to third party site, your are entirely under the terms and conditions of that visiting site. 

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What is Cookie ?

A cookie is information that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time. (More technically, it is information for future use that is stored by the server on the client side of a client/server communication.) Typically, a cookie records your preferences when using a particular site. Using the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), each request for a Web page is independent of all other requests. For this reason, the Web page server has no memory of what pages it has sent to a user previously or anything about your previous visits. 
A cookie is a mechanism that allows the server to store its own information about a user on the user's own computer. You can view the cookies that have been stored on your hard disk (although the content stored in each cookie may not make much sense to you). The location of the cookies depends on the browser. Internet Explorer stores each cookie as a separate file under a Windows subdirectory. Netscape stores all cookies in a single cookies.txt fle. Opera stores them in a single cookies.dat file.