10 Jul 2013

Bawihte lo lungphang suh

Satu: H. Lalthakima

Tuantual vang in maw in run an,
Kaisan ka rel thei lo;
Mahse rinawm ten lo awm la,
Lo lungphang reng reng suh.

Rinawm te hian mi lo nghak la,
Chutin kei pawn i tan tiin;
Ka hmangaihna ka hlan tawh se,
Bawihte lo lungphang suh.

I tan chauh a nung tawh turin,
Ka lo intiam tawh si;
Lo vawng reng la ka hmangaihna,
I thinlung thianghlim an.

Hmelma dawtthu i hriat chang pawn,
Bawihte lo lungphang suh;
Ka hmangaihna ka hlan che hi,
Lengdang tan zawng ka phal lo.


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  1. Very nice! However, due to hailing from Western India, can not understand the meaning of lyrics properly, but impressed. Can you please tell, what is the meaning of Boihte / Bawihte / Bawhite ? Came across one expression among some Mizo friends some time ago, forgot to ask them, it was "miss you so much boihte... i tan khuanu k dil trin" - can you please help what it means and what it conveys? Thanks a lot again and in advance. ~ Kindest regards.