20 Oct 2013

Zan tlai khaw thiang karah

Phuahtu: Rokunga
Satu: H.Lalmuankimi, Mizo Cardinal Choir,  F. Lalsanglura

Zan tlai khaw thiang karah,
Muang te'n zan mu an chhing;
Beramputen thawm an hriat chu,
Bethlehem tlang chungah.

 "Chungnung berah ropui rawh se,
Lei chungah remthu leng rawh se," an ti;
"Chungnung berah ropui rawh se,
Remna leng se," tiin an zai.

Hmangaih tuipui a fawn,
A kuang a fawn liam e;
A liam in piallei a bualin,
Van miten zai an rem.

An lenthlain min zem,
Thinlai a zing riai e;
Chatuan Rem Lal ropui fakin,
Van miten zai an rem.

Nangni van mite u,
Piallei thim zingah hian;
"Leiah rem leng rawh se," tiin,
In zai leh dawn lo'm ni?


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