10 Jul 2013

Bawihte lo lungphang suh

Satu: H. Lalthakima

Tuantual vang in maw in run an,
Kaisan ka rel thei lo;
Mahse rinawm ten lo awm la,
Lo lungphang reng reng suh.

Rinawm te hian mi lo nghak la,
Chutin kei pawn i tan tiin;
Ka hmangaihna ka hlan tawh se,
Bawihte lo lungphang suh.

I tan chauh a nung tawh turin,
Ka lo intiam tawh si;
Lo vawng reng la ka hmangaihna,
I thinlung thianghlim an.

Hmelma dawtthu i hriat chang pawn,
Bawihte lo lungphang suh;
Ka hmangaihna ka hlan che hi,
Lengdang tan zawng ka phal lo.


  1. Very nice! However, due to hailing from Western India, can not understand the meaning of lyrics properly, but impressed. Can you please tell, what is the meaning of Boihte / Bawihte / Bawhite ? Came across one expression among some Mizo friends some time ago, forgot to ask them, it was "miss you so much boihte... i tan khuanu k dil trin" - can you please help what it means and what it conveys? Thanks a lot again and in advance. ~ Kindest regards.