1 Apr 2014


Music & Song: Scavenger Project feat Various Mizo artistes

You have lived with us
Breathe the air with us
Soaring high above us,
You watch our every move
Through the rainy days
Through the summer days
And when the winter falls
We fight the cold together
But now you're gone,
While there's still so many things
I wish I'd say to you
Now you're gone, you'r gone

* Put on your mourning dress
With black let us confess
He cannot be replaced
Zika, kan ngai a che!

repeat *

You were the victim of
Some fool's immature mind
Their dirty deeds had drained
The life out of you
you were the city's bliss
It's you that everyone miss
we'll leave uur windows open
For you to come home
But now you're gone,
(while there's) still so many things
I wish I'd Say to you
Now you're gone, you'r gone

repeat *
repeat *
repeat *

Mizo: Zika, kan ngai a che.
English: Zika, we miss you.


  1. Enter your comment...i love this song and proud to mizo

  2. Meaningful,soulful, song...great composed...keep up...its Really a kan ngai a che Zika.