1 Apr 2014

Little Angel (Lullaby by Michael M. Sailo)

Lyrics: Michael M.Sailo
Song: Michael M.Sailo

Little Angel don't you cry I'm gonna sing you a lullaby
Were gonna make it through the night so close your weary eyes
Little Angel don't you cry I'm gonna give you a rock a bye
I'm gonna wake you with the light so close your weary eyes

Verse 1:
Little angel, I know there's a lot botherin you
My conscience tells me this ain't gonna do
I don't even know how I'm a get this through
But in time you'll understand how we act a fool
There were nights when I knelt beside your bed
Wishin all the tears you cry were mine instead
Held the pillow restin your weary head
As I put aside the bed time stories we read
At times, I think I failed you as a dad
With these memories of the good times we had
Picnics as a family of three, shop for candies and Ice Age on DVDs
The evenin the doctor pulled out your first cavity
Beneath the pillow was a 20 for the tooth fairy
But life is such, the ones you love gotta go
How come how long I guess we never know
I'm a do whatever it takes, through the bends and shakes
Bruise and aches and I'm a watch you grow
Its scarymaybebaby, you gotta be strong
Close your eyes as I play you this song

Verse 2:
There were nights you couldnt understand
When I made you do things after you said you cant
Made you stay up late way past your bedtime
You kept missin lines from your nursery rhymes
And you know though you hated, it left you educated
Full marks as stated, you earned it dedicated
Never would I leave birthday kisses belated
Rest assured together were gonna make it
Cherish the moments you wake me every morn
Never seem to stop smilin since the day you wuz born
I'm sorry you called me at the office the other day
The lady had to tell you daddy wuz away
The truth is Id rather hear your voice
After all you're my little girl, my one and only choice
Id rather give you piggy back rides
My arms on your side like ain't nothin else left to hide
My hands on your tummy make you laugh when you're grumpy
Chase you cross the halls like Tom & Jerry
And I promise I'm always beside you girl
Even long after death, till the end of the world

Verse 3:
Last night, after the bedtime prayer
At the open diary I started to stare
Could'nt help but notice, could'nt help but care
Little angel, sometimes its hard to bear
And I know I'm the reason those tears fall down
I see it in your heart when you don't make a sound
It didn't work out between me and your mom
I could'nt let the separation do you no harm
I know it ain't fair of how were both livin
Deprive you of love you should be receivin
Age don't seem to make nobody wiser
Plus with the trauma, we started the drama
As grown ups we still do silly things
Pride makes us fight over small little things
This world that we live in is kinda complicated
Few years from now you'd probably understand it
Till then I hope you find a reason to smile
Though its messed up what parents do to a child
And hope you forgive what you're mommy do
Deep down in your heart you'd forgive me too


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