14 Jul 2012

Lentupui kai vel leh romei chhumin

Phuahtu: Rokunga

Lentupui kai vel leh romei chhumin,
A bawm kan Zoram nuam leh duhawm;
Awmhar tinkim dawna han thlir velin,
A mawi zual Zofate kan lenna.

  Chung Pathianin min hualhim zel rawh se,
  Hawihkawm lenrual zawngte nen hianin;
  Suihlung rual tea kan lenna par mawi,
  Vul reng rawh, kan pianna Zoram nuam.

Suihlung rual tea kan lenna hun mawi,
Cham reng rawh, zamual chu liam lul suh;
Engtik nge Sappui nun ngai lo rengin,
Kan nghakhlel - kan lenna hun tur chu.

Tunah doral lian chhum ang zing mahse,
A la kiang ang hnam tin rumna hi;
Hnam tin lung rual dar ang lenna tur ni,
A her chhuak ang chung Pathian zarah.

Doral lian chhum pui zing a kian hun chuan,
Rualduh kan then takte nen khanin;
Hlim leh lawmin kan insuih khawm leh ang,
Zoram nuam, kan pianna ram ngeiah.

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  2. Thank u so much for these lyrics.. i am from kerala. i lived in mizoram and studied in the kendriya vidyalaya under project pushpak during 70s and early 80s. i learnt this song then and remember the tune. i even taught it to my son... can you post the meaning of the lyrics pl?