8 Jul 2013

Engkim min pek avangin

Satu: Bethsy Lalrinsangi

Min hmangaihna aw a ropui e,
Chatuan nunna kan neih theih na turin;
Kan tana thi kraws ler ah Lal Krista,
A tho leh ta a ropuina lan tirin.

Kan fak zel ang che Aw Lal Isu,
Engkim min pek vangin kan fak a che;
I hming ropui chu fakin awmzel se,
Engkim min pek avangin,
Engkim min pek avangin.

Englai pawh in min awmpui reng thin,
Englai pawh in kan thian hlu ber a ni;
Englai pawh in kan tan damna Lal Krista,
Kan chatuan hmun tur min siamsak tu chu.

Haleluiah, Haleluiah, Haleluiah, Haleluiah....


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