21 Mar 2015

All these years (The Chosen)

Composer: R.Lalremruata (Parema)
Band: The Chosen

I look back on all those years,
To see how far I've come and grown;
I took a trip down memory lane,
And what I see how joy;
But every step I've taken,
From my childhood till this day;
You've been there by my side,
You always there for me.

*And through it all,
It took so many years just to know; 
What you mean to me,
Thank you for those blessed years;
You're my own, 
I don't wanna live my days without you,
I love you Lord;
Really ain't no words, strong enough to let you know,
What you mean to me through all these years.

You put me up when I fall,
You gave me strength to stand again;
As the cold wind blows you embrace me,
With your warm and gentle soul,
You've touched my life,my heart and soul;
in so many different ways,
You've made me who I am and what I am today.

(Repeat *)

I look back on all those years,
To see how far I've came and grown.


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