26 Nov 2017

Ngaiteh kumhlui mual liam tur saw

Satu: Lalsangzuali Sailo, Lalrindiki Khiangte (Daduhi), Zoramchhani

Ngaiteh, kumhlui mual liam tur saw,
A kal mek auh din rual lo in;
Kan nundan kawng ze tinreng a,
Khuarei a chanpui tur.

I thil tih zawng zawng saw thlir teh,
Hun in a liampui saw;
Chatuan hmun lo thlen khalh tur che,
Lal hmaah a dinpui tur.

Tuipui lian in phairuang a hnawl,
Kawrvai a thleng ang mai hian in;
Ngaiteh hun in nunhlui a hnawl,
Chatuan hmun thleng tur in.

Aw Lalpa, kan thil tih zawng te,
I hnenah kan rawn hlan e;
Kan tihsual te min ngaidam la,
Ka thil tih that malsawm rawh.


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