4 Nov 2021

Sualna tinreng hi

Phuahtu: Laithangpuia
Satu: Lily Lalthakimi

Sualna tinreng hi,
Hmelma pungkhawm doral an ni;
Hnehntumin Zion an rawn do,
Lal Sipai, tang r'u.

I bei ang, i bei ang,
Lal Isua chaknain;
Ral an zual, khandaih phawi r'u,
Sual thim lal i bei ang.

An nun rawng hle si,
Boral theihna hriam keng an ni;
An hliama Zion kal tumte,
Lungngaih an khumtir.

Hmelma thinlung chuan,
Do che mah se, lawmin pan rawh;
Thatnain sual do hneh tum la,
Lal Isua angin.

Kan hneh an, hlau s'u,
Thiamchantirtur kan Lal a ni;
Dang vel ang, Zion sipaiten,
Sual khalh hren tumin.


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