8 Apr 2022

Aw Kalvari thing chungah chuan

Phuahtu: Rev. Chhawna
Satu: Gospel Melodious Choir, Lalroutmawi, Nazarene, H Vanlalhlana, Pensy B. Lalthangliani

Aw, Kalvari thing chungah chuan,
Ka Hreng ropui a au;
Jerusalem, Kanan ram zawng zawng,
In Lal a ni lo'm ni,
In Lal a ni lo'm ni?

Aw, ka sawi thei lo,
Aw, ka hril thiam lo,
A hmangaihn a va mak em!
Thukna, thukna, ka sawi thei lo,
Min hmangaihn a va mak em!

Puanzar ropui a lo thler a,
Lungpui lo khi chat chu,
Hmangaih Pathiana thinlungah chuan,
Eng angin na ang maw,
Eng angin na ang maw!

Khawvel pawh a lo thim ta a,
Lirpui a lo nghing a;
Hlauvin khawvel a tlan bo ta a,
Mi thianghlim an tho ta,
Mi thianghlim an tho ta.



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