17 Jul 2022

Abraham Pathian

A phuak: T Pumkhothang
A sa: Mary Vaiphei

Lei leh van ah a lianpen,
Jehovah Pathian aw;
Alpha leh Omega hi,
Beini nei ngeilou;
Thuneihna nang a ahi,
Khuambang kip Pathian;
Athupi in a lamdang hi,
Hong pahtawi ung e.

Abraham Pathian, Isak Pathian,
Jakob Pathian aw;
Koute Pathian biak di’n kilawm,
Phat ding in kilawm;
Pahtawina te thupinate,
Vangletna khempeuh;
Sangpen Pathian nang a ahi,
Hong liansak ung.

Upna ah ding kip den di’n,
Na tate kipden ung;
Setan in a zoulou ding,
Phuk zou ngeilou ding;
Leitung in a dou zong in,
A dou zou ngei lou ding;
A kip tawntung ka Pathian uh,
Hong pahtawi ung e.


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