17 Jul 2022

Krist Hoihna

A phuak: T Pumkhothang
A sa: Ningmuanching

Ken hoihna khat zong ka neilou,
Jesu Khris hoihna koppih in;
Amah vang a dik a sim in ka omlel hi,
Aw tu in zong hoihna ka neilou;
Ka hihna zaw mikhial lel ka hi,
Khris vang a siangthou;
Khris vang a hoih ka hi lel hi.

 Khris hoihna kei a a hita,
 A sianthouna kei a a hita;
 A hihna a hon neisak a A hon pomta,
 Tu’n ah lau ding ka nei nawnlou;
 A huang ah muang in ka om,
 Khris hoihna leh sianthouna kei a a hita.

Kei mahmah ka ki et chiang in,
Sianthouna hoihna ka neilou;
Hizong Aman siangthou in ahon pomta hi,
Amah nnate ka semtheita a;
A paina ah ka pai theita hi,
Khris vak a nungta’n;
Amah bang in ahon bawlta!


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