4 Sept 2022

Rawngbawl tura chhandam

Phuahtu: Ch Malsawma
Satu: C Vansanga, C Lalhmingmawii

Sualna zawng kalsan a, sim a, piangthar a,
Kristaa nun neite tan;
Theihtawka rawngbawlin a thu puangdarh tura,
Rawngbawl turin min chhandam.

Rawngbawl tura chhandam kan nih tawh avangin,
Kristaah kan nung tawh si,
Rawngbawl tura chhandam thisena lei kan ni a,
Rawngbawl tura chhandam kan ni.

Lalpa tan ram zawng zawng lak anih hma chuan,
Rawngbawl tura a chhandamte;
Chhel tak leh huai takin i thawk zel ang u,
Vanah lawmman a tam si.


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