3 Feb 2023

Virthlileng - Lalmama

Phuahtu: Lalmama (1901 - 1959)

Aw, Khawiah liam che maw aw?

Virthli, khawiah liam che maw aw?

Rûm vung vungin thangril laiah,

Zantiang chhawrthlapui êng hnuaiah,

Rawn her vel che kan chhuahtlang phunbûng;

Sakhmel hmuh theih si loh,

Zâwt ila min chhang tak ang maw,

Virthlilêng, khawiah liam che maw aw?

Suihlungrual a nuam ve ang hian,

Thing tin, mau tin, hnuhchhawl zawng nen,

Sûl zui tum kalsiam an sawi dîm e;

Nghah rel lo hian i liam,

Tawn loh sakâwl i hlau em ni?

Virthlilêng, khawiah liam che maw aw?

Tuipui sen vung raltiang kham râng,

Mûrva te dâr ang lenna;

Mualpui khânthuam leh sai lâmtual te

Dan rual lohvin i liam,

Thinlai thâwng biahthu keng em ni?

Virthlilêng, khawiah liam che maw âw? 


Translated by Mafaa Hauhnar

O, Whither have you gone,

Tell, O wind, whither have you gone?


Howling wild in the dead of night,

‘Neath the sensuous glow of moonlight,

You tossed and you teased our bunyan tree.

Could I but gaze and see

Your face, O invisible one?

Tell me, won’t you, whither have you gone?


The swaying trees, bamboo and weeds,

In one array bent down their heads,

As if they’re yielding to follow,

Wherever you chance to blow;

Undeterred, off you went, whither?

Are you scared of an unseen monster?

O’ er craggy hills and raging sea,

Where fly the martins free.

Blowing across the fields and dell,

Where the cattle gaily dwell.

You hastened away on your wings;

Are you the bearer of sad tidings?


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