20 Jul 2012

Zion hla mawi

Phuahtu: Lalliansawma

Lal lenna Zion khawpui tual nuam,
Ka thlir a mawi ropui mang e;
Van miten chhun leh zan chawl lovin,
Zion hla mawi ropui an sa.

Lawng chawlhna, chung lam Jerusalem,
Lal hung chhung Beramno engah chuan,
“A thianghlim e, a thianghlim e,’ tiin,
Zion hla mawi ropui an sa.

A ta ka ni, van Lal ta ka ni,
Muangin a hnenah ka chawl ta;
Ka thuam pawh van Lal thuam a ni a,
Zion hla mawi ropui ka sa.

A mawi mang e, Lal lenna Zion,
A laiah nunna tui a luang;
Ni tla seng lo Beramno lenna,
Zion khawpui kan ram a ni


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