20 Jan 2018

Ram ni tla ngai lovah chuan

Satu: Aizawl Area Baptist Choir

Ram ni tla ngai lovah chuan,
Khawpui mawi tak a awm;
Kum khuain a chul lovang,
Zan a awm tawh ngai lo.

Mittui zawng zawng a hul ang.
Thih leh nat a awm lovang; 
Hun bi pawh a awm tawh lo, 
Zân a awm tawh ngai lo.

Lunghlu kawngkhar mawi tak chu,
Khawpuiah chuan a awm;
Rangkachak kawtlaiah chuan,
Zan a awm tawh ngai lo.

A kawngte an khar ngai lo,
Chu khawpui mawi tak chu;
Nunna tui chu a luang fo,
Zan a awm tawh ngai lo.

Ni eng pawh an ngai tawh lo,
Khawpui mawi takah chuan;
Beram No chu a êng fo,
Zan a awm tawh ngai lo.


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