29 Jun 2019

A hming vangin

Lettu: David Lalremruata
Satu: BCM Choir (2016 - 2019)

A hming vangin mupui ten thla an zar,
Tuifinriat te an fawn vel;
Thlipui hrangte pawh lo reh vekin,
A hming vangin ram ropui te an keh chhia,
A hming vangin nunna thaw pek ka ni,
Pangpar mawi takin an vul;
A hming vangin thinlung hliam te a dam,
Tuipui lian hlauhawm pawh an lo kang,

Isua hming avangin mitin an tlawm ang,
Lei tinreng Krista lalna an puang dawn si,
Mi zawng zawngin fak se a thiltihtheihna puang rawh se
Hming ropui hmaah chuan thingthi se.

A hming vangin tlangsangte pawh an khur,
Sik leh sa te an danglam;
A hming vangin nieng ropui alang,
Ruahpui leh thlipui te an lo reh,
A hming vangin kan sual tlenfai a ni,
Kan thlarau a zalen ta;
A hming vangin vanram hawn sak kan lo ni ta,
A chhungah chatuan atan min lawm.

Hming ropui Lal Isua,
Hming ropui Lal Isua,
Hming ropui Lal Isua,
Hming ropui Lal Isua,
Hming ropui kan Lalpa.

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  1. Thank you my brethren for keeping the fire of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus burning. Althouhg I tried to sing along, but hoped the songs were translated.

    Blessings to you.