29 May 2021


Phuahtu: C Lalzarmawia
Satu: Hlimhlimi

Lal Isua hring chan niah khan,
Nazarethah a seilian;
Hun leh ni hmang zo mahsela,
Tih hlum tum an thulh lo,
Mahse, sakhming chawi chhanah chuan,
Nazareth Isua.

Nazareth, Nazareth,
Thil tha reng hi chhuah lo mah la;
A chawisang che, a chawimawi che,
A hming pawh Nazareth Isua.

Ka nun hian thil tha chhuah lo se,
Rah tha chhuah lo ila;
Ka duhzawng tih nan hmang zo vin,
Lalpa hawi lo mahse,
Tihhlum tum tu chawisang ang khan,
Min hmangaih a thulh lo.

Hun liamta chhui tlak lo niin,
Theihnghilh tlak chauh nise;
Hmangaihna chuan zui zel chein,
Thlahthlam che a thei lo,
Krista hnaih la, a nghak reng che,
A hmangaih reng a che.


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