23 Apr 2022

Rulh let sen loh hmangaihna

Phuahtu: Rev. Dr. Enoch Laineipuia
Satu: Vanlalsailova

Rulh let sen loh hmangaihna, rulh let ngai lo khawngaihna;
Chhiar sen loh Lalpa thatna ka dawn zawng zawng te hi,
Ka chhiar seng hlei lo'ng e, A ngilneih, lainatna te,
A hmangaihna, A khawngaihna, a luangliam, a luangliam e.

Hmangaihna Pathian, Khawngaihna Pathian,
Ka rul seng lo'ng e, A khawngaih, lainatna te,
Ka chawimawi zel ang a, ka chhuang zel fo vang a,
Hmangaihna, khawngaihna Lalpa, Pathian hi ka fak zel ang.

Hringnun hmangaihna hi chuan a hmangaih a hlawk pui a,
A thil tih that zawng zawng te thatnain a rul leh thin;
Isua hmangaihna zawk chuan A nun a luanral tir a,
A chan zawk, A hmangaih te tan erawh nunna a lo ni.

Hringmi chuan a hmangaih zat hian a haw let leh thei a,
Chunnu pawn a hraichawi lai a theihnghilh leh thei a;
Pathian hmangaihna erawh a bul, a tawp hmangaihna,
Min hmangaih a, hmangaih zel ang, chatuanin, chatuan thlengin.


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