17 Jul 2022

Aman nang hong kem ding

A phuak: T Pumkhothang
A sa: Ngainu Haokip

Lung launa ding omlou
I Toupan hong kem ding
Na kalsuannate Aman a hon kem ding
Na mailam hun peuh ah
Na paina mun peuh a
Aman hong pi in a tawntung hong kem ding

Aman nang hong kem ding
Mun peuh ah
Aman nang hong ching ding
Na paina peuh
A khut sung hong koih dia
A ang sung hong pom ding
Lung nuam in om in
I Toupan hong kem ding.

Aman a hong kem ding
A lauhuai mun ah zong
Na khete ching in a hon nusia lou ding
A sun a zan hizong
Hun haksa hong tung zong
A khut muanhuai ah Aman nang hong kem ding

Lampi a lauhuai zong
Aman nang hong  kem ding
 Gamdai gamkeu mun na tawn ahi zong in
Sihna luiguam ah zong
Nat leh sat hun ah zong
A damna khut in Aman a hon lawng ding.


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