4 Sept 2022

Pathiante Pathian

Phuahtu: R.L Zomawia
Satu: C Vansanga

Lalpa, kan tawngtaina,
Chhanin a awm thin;
Sual thuk thim ber atang pawh,
I hnen kan thlen i hre thin.

Tawngtaina chhangtu i ni a,
Pathiante Pathian i ni si;
Aw Lalpa, engkima engkim.

Chak lo te chakna i ni,
Chaute tanpuitu;
Muthlute harhna i ni,
Tanpui ngaite tanpuitu.

Hei chau hi kan dil a che,
I rawngbawl tur leh;
I hming fak zel turin,
Aw Lalpa, min tanpui rawh.


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